What we can do as a backpack and bag manufacturer

Full-service solution

Backpack and  bags manufacturing service

You completed the development of your design, need to find a backpack and bags manufacturer to manufacture.

You only have an idea in mind, need to develop as well as manufacture.

Custom make backpack or bags or sample orders

Backpack and bag customization or sample order service. we have 8  masters who at least have 25 years of experience to help you out.

Wholesale and dropshipping

Budget limited? Want to set up a no-stock online shop? we offer up-to-date & hot sale leather bags for you with only 20 pcs per color. Need private label leather bag? 50-100 pcs can make your brand logo on the bag! we are the trustworthy leather bag dropshipper & wholesaler

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What kind of bag manufacturer are we ?

Shenzhen Minray Products Co., Ltd. is a service-oriented and quality-based one-stop bag manufacturer and wholesaler. Founded in 2014, since that, we have served 1200+ customers around the world. What’s more, we’ve helped 500+ starters grow their business from 0 to 1 with our marketing experience & strong design and development.

Our main markets are Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, India, etc. Moreover, our factory passed BSCI & SENDEX audit and is an ISO9001 company. 

The key products that we offer are backpack, handbag, travel bag, duffel bag, cooler bag, tote bag, cosmetic bag, tool bag, promotion bag, solar bag and bag’s customization, RPET travel bags, etc. But as a one-stop bag manufacturer, we don’t only produce those products, we OEM/ODM all kinds of bags made of fabrics or leathers.

We committed to providing high-quality and high-efficiency bag supply platforms for any size of customers. No matter where you are, no matter how big your company is, we are here to back you!

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Branch bag manufacturer (factory) Tour

The branch  in northeast China  (Dandong city Liaoning province)

Trade war upset our company badly recently!

Whether a manufacturer or importers, it has been affected more or less. The 25% increase in tariffs has killed most manufacturers because most of the bag factory’s profits rate is far less than 25%.

One of my long-time cooperated US customers talked to me:” I like your stable quality and your service, but can you lower down 10% to balance the increase of tariff?“.

10%? oho—-my—– god, we don’t even have 10% profit, we only have 3% profit” I shouted out in my mind. But calmed down immediately. Understand him totally, If I were him, I would do the same.

Consequently, how do I deal with the trade war as the boss of a china bag factory?

Ran a deep SWOT analysis with my team, decided to go with the below points.

1, Strengthen existing advantages:existing advantages are new product development, productivity, supply chain management, marketing experience, quality insurance.

2, Having service more flexible, such as enforce before-sell consulting, small MOQ, fast sample delivery, after-sell service, expend products warranty.

3, Having payment more flexible.

4, Price: Execution of a fresh strategy —- build a new factory to lower down costs, increase Cost competition。

Invested $3 million to build a new factory in northeast China, which is now basically complete. The labor costs will be reduced by about one-third. Absolutely competitive. There will have 18 sawing lines, 5 cutting lines, 50 quality control staff. 500 workers in total.

Here are some basic pictures of the factory (still under construction).

The new factory is committed to producing large-volume promotional orders, gift bags, cosmetic bags, and simple clothes.

As a Chinese bag manufacturer, we always try our best to find a win-win solution to help our customers reduce the pressure on tariffs and also increased our competitiveness with Southeast Asian countries.

5, Develop more new markets. this is the most important way for us now,

Our Certification

What sets us apart from other bag manufacturer? Our ability to listen to our customers!

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