Sundei custom backpack manufacturer

Sundei custom backpack manufacturer 

custom backpack manufacturer

Shenzhen Minray Products Co., a service-oriented and quality-based one-stop custom backpack manufacturer and wholesaler. Founded in 2014, since that, we have served 30+ branded customers around the world. What’re more, 500+ starters growing their business from 0 to 1 with our effort.
Our main markets are Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia, Malaysia. With the enhancement of freight capacity, we can now deliver goods all over the world and find customers from all over the world.

As a consolidated custom backpacks manufacturer, we’re pleased to provide both design and production, all under a single roof!

We consult with our customers, walking hand-in-hand to the finished product. We have the ability to be an established partner, with two factories located in China. We focus on you; your brand, your needs. We are committed to forming permanent partnerships with our clients.

No matter what your custom backpack manufacturing company requires, a small selection or a mass-produced order, our goal is to be of service to you!

Design support at the custom backpack manufacturer 

Concepts are intangible things. We help you to bring your concept to real life. 8 designers with 20 years of experience specializing in taking your concepts and turning them into physical products for your brand.

The process is simple. Just tell us your concept by sketch or similar pictures and what is your audience, we do the rest.

Your satisfaction is key, and it hangs on product development. We discuss everything from design, materials, lead times, and pricing. All of this and more to make sure you are fully satisfied with the end result, a product you can count on.

Custom backpack manufacturing 

We believe the execution process is just as important as your fantastic design. Manufacturing is vital to us. We have two factories in China with 1200+ skilled workers, served many famous brands such as Coca-Cola, VICHY, NIVER, JANSPORT, Belvita, etc. We have sufficient experience and resources to manufacture your backpack on time at the right quality and cost.

We Defined a strict OEM/ODM process for you to know how to get started clearly.

Private label custom backpack manufacturer 

Private labeling is one such business model. As a private label custom backpack manufacturer, we can help you to create your own custom branded products.  If you t already have established audiences and want to find a way to start generating passive income online via product sales then Private labeling is great for you.

For better service, we provide drop-shipping for all the private label customers all around the world, thus you can focus on selling.  we will do the rest!!

We are committed to providing high-quality and high-efficiency custom backpacks platforms for any size of customers. No matter where you are, no matter how big your company is, we are here to back you! Be your most dependable custom backpack manufacturer.

Men’s carry on backapcks

Women’s carry on backapcks

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