Leather bag customizing  & sample making service

8 engineers with more than 20 years of experience to help custom any bag or sample you want.

We promise 100% meet your requirement!

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Leather bag customizing  & sample making service

A well-established process is the guarantee of high-quality products

Common leather options

Epson leather 

Nappa leather

Pebbled leather

Smooth leather

Oil Waxy Leather

Crazy horse  leather 

vegetable tanned leather

Oil Waxy Leather

Common logo options

Embroidery logo

Embossing Logo

Hot stamping logo

Metal words logo

Metal plate logo

Metal logo sticker

Logo hand tag

Hardware with logo

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If you just have an idea for your bag, then no problem, we can help to design!

Actions always speak louder than words

Worry about quantity? Hesitate to order? 

Watch the right video to know how our engineers make your samples!

This is our confidence to promise to bring your vision to life!

custom bags process 2

Contact us now to bring your vision to life!

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