For purchasing, 6R is the basic principle. (1. Right Quality 2. Right Quantity 3. Right Time 4. Right Source 5. Right Price and 6. Right Place.). But the top priority is Right Quality. And for a functional tool bag, what is Right Quality? How to judge? As a tool bag manufacturer, we have summarized the below simple 5-step method that allows you to easily solve the above problems.
A: Cloth
Fabrics are required to be waterproof, abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant
Pull test requirements: minimum 45kgf
Tear force: minimum 4.5kgf

B: Hardware clips
Corrosion resistance test: 5% salt spray test: minimum 8H
Pull test requirements: minimum 50kgf

C: zipper
Pull test: minimum 25kgf
Torque test: minimum 10.5kg/cm
Gram weight: minimum 5g

D: suture force
Stitching force: minimum 35kgf

F: Whole weight bearing
Whole load-bearing capacity: minimum 60KG

When you make the above five points to your intentional supplier, then your supplier will never dare to lie to you. Because they already think of you as an expert in the tool bag.

Five steps to finding the right quality tool bag 1