How to find a good handbag supplier

Before answering this question, we must figure out what a good handbag supplier is.

I try to explain this question from three aspects:

First of all, it is the supplier’s ability. If the ability is insufficient, then it must not be a good supplier. But how can we evaluate the capabilities of a handbag supplier?

1: Development ability: they can help you from a sketch, picture, or even your initial ideas into a solid product and take care of your product from design to material selection and finally makes real samples for you to review. In short, you only need to have an initial idea and leave the least to them.

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2: Production capacity: It is not enough to develop a sample alone. After all, we want to make a profit by selling more products. Then you need to consider the supplier’s production capacity. What is its minimum order quantity? What is its monthly production capacity? Has it OEMed for those well-known brands? How about its quality control process? What is the usual defect rate? And so on are all points that reflect the supplier’s production capacity.

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3: Product delivery capabilities: What kind of delivery methods can they provide you with, FOB, CIF, DOOR to DOOR, etc. If you are just a business at the beginning, this is very important, because you don’t have the time and energy to deal with customs declaration, customs clearance, and taxation, and other importing issues. So whether they can provide NO-WORRY DOOR TO DOOR term is a very important point. Cause You don’t have to think about it so much, you just have to pay and wait for your product to arrive directly in your hands. You just focus on how to sell your handbags.

Door to Door delivery

Secondly, it is the service. Services are divided into pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services. Whether they can respond quickly to your questions and propose the best solution during RFQ to final delivery? In the after-sales service, whether they provide return and exchange services, whether to provide maintenance services, whether there is MONEY BACK service, etc. You all need to think about it.

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The last is if the supplier is. This is the basis for determining whether you can cooperate with it for a long time. Does it always do what it says, and tell the truth when it can’t? Whether it can keep its promises in the face of major difficulties. This needs time to test.


If your supplier can meet the above 3 points, then congratulations, you have found a good and reliable handbag supplier.