How to tell fake leather vs real leather in a simple way

“How to tell fake leather vs real leather in a simple way?” Many customers asked recently, they found many articles about it but they are too complicated and hard to use in a real life.

What can I help as a leather bag manufacturer?  Can I conclude some simple ways that are easy to use in real life (everyone can use it to spot fake leather).

thinking    Ok, Let’s do it. 

Let’s take a look together. Artificial leather is the earliest invented substitute for leather fabrics. It is made of PVC, plasticizers and other additives, calendered and laminated on the cloth. The advantages are low price, rich colors, and many patterns. , The disadvantage is that it is easy to harden and become brittle.

PU synthetic leather is used to replace PVC artificial leather, and its price is higher than PVC artificial leather. In terms of chemical structure, it is closer to leather fabrics. It does not use plasticizers to achieve softness, so it will not become hard and brittle. At the same time, it has the advantages of rich colors and various patterns, and the price is cheaper than leather fabrics. So it is welcomed by consumers. Simply put, PU is a man-made synthetic material with the texture of leather, very strong and durable, and low in price.

How to tell fake leather vs real leather in a simple way 1

Advantages of PU synthetic leather:

.Can be made into corresponding good air permeability
.Waterproof E is not easy to expand or deform when absorbing water
.Environmental protection
.Disadvantages of PU synthetic leather: not as wear-resistant and breathable as leather.

Leather: Leather belt fabric made from animal skin after processing.

Advantages of leather:

.Good air permeability
.Disadvantages of leather

.Weight (single area)
.Ingredients are protein
.It is easy to swell and deform when absorbed by water.

How to tell fake leather vs real leather in a simple way 2

With the advancement of technology, the production technology of PU synthetic leather is getting higher and higher. When it is used to make bags and other finished products, it is almost impossible to distinguish, unless the cross-section or bottom surface of the material can be seen.

Based on years of experience of a  leather bag manufacturer, here is a simple way:

First, feel the weight of the bag in your hand, and feel that the lighter is PU products.

Then observe the surface pattern. The uniform pattern is the perfect PU product. The natural leather feels natural, and the texture of the large fabric will not be so uniform.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that when you see a very beautiful, uniform pattern, few flaws, and all of them are like a high-grade bag poured out of a mold, I am sure to tell you that it is industrial Products, unless you are not rushing to real leather, the pursuit is not natural beauty.

Does it work?  Let’s see below bags which one is made of real leather?

How to tell fake leather vs real leather in a simple way 3
2020 new retro all-match tote bag woman
2020 new sheep leather Diamond lattice chain bag woman