Why do you need SUNDEI Solar Charging Backpack?

  • Durability and stylish appearance in one bag.
  • Excellent for personal and business travel to keep your things organized.
  • Built-in battery allows your backpack to provide you electricity anywhere and anytime.
  • With superfast charging, your phone will be charged within 10 minutes.
  • Dual charging mode (plug and solar) to offer you electricity without any trouble.
  • 100% waterproof design offer maximum protection to you.

Environmentally Friendly Backpack

This portable solar technology will not have a negative impact on your environment. It is one of the best eco-friendly global solutions in the market. Aside from increase the advantages of the renewable, sustainable and clean source of energy, you can ensure that you are playing your role in the protection of this environment.

SUNDEI solar charging backpack can’t pollute air so it has no contribution to acid rain, smog or global warming. Unlike ordinary batteries, the disposal and lifespan of the solar backpack will not create any negative impact on your environment.

Decrease Your Dependence on Traditional Resources

Solar backpack offers clean energy to offset the injurious effects of the energy obtained from fossil fuels. Use of solar energy will decrease your reliance on traditional sources of energy and ultimately decrease the consumption of fossil fuels.

Get Freedom while Traveling

Nowadays, people find themselves contained in their houses or areas where they have a power supply. With SUNDEI solar backpack, you can leave your house without any trouble. There is no need to sit in the house and wait for the 100% battery of your phone before leaving your place. The solar backpack allows you to charge the battery of your phone by plugging it on the solar panel of the backpack.

Portability, Safety, and Style

It seems really exciting to have your portable energy source to charge your electronic devices. With a solar backpack, you will not run out of electricity. These backpacks are an idea for outdoor trips where you have to rely on permanent communication for your safety.

These innovative backpacks give a stylish twist to your ordinary backpack. These are not only functional but look great on your shoulders. Traveling with SUNDEI solar backpack will give you peace of mind that you can’t be without electronics and emergency lights. If you are planning a camping trip in woods, make sure to buy your solar backpack for a huge relief.

Solar backpack is equally good for workers and students to always have charged equipment. Campers and hikers have to spend many days outdoors so they will need this portable supply of energy. This amazing power backup will keep them connected to their friends and family members. They can immediately seek assistance in case of an emergency.