UV sterilizer bags keep all  your things from garms & bacterias


1. SPECLIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR MASKS & CELL PHONE – 59S specially designed  sterilizer bags to ease the insufficient supply of masks situation. Masks can be reused by sterilization.

2. 59S, THE PIONEER OF LED STERILIZATION – Self-developed chip third generation 10000 hours long-lasting LED UV light beads.

3. NO RADIATION, NO OZONE, NO CHEMICAL – Powered by 12 x UVC LED, disinfects and eliminates up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. No water or chemicals needed.

4. PROTECTION & SAFETY DESIGN – Zip up the bag, click the button, and clearly see the purple light trough transparent area in sterilizing mode, no light leak out.

5. COMPACT & EASY TO USE – sterilizer bags is compact and lightweight . It is convenience to disinfect whenever and wherever needed.

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sterilization bags 1
sterilization bags 2

No  Limits for our sterilizer bags

You can put most of stuffs in, they will be deinfected. Including but not limited to the following items.

12 UV LED lamp beads

sterilization bags 8

 360 degree dead angle free disinfection.Make bacteria nowhere to hide.

99.9% sterilization rate

sterilization bags 9

UV lamp can produce ultraviolet rays in the 260-280nm band, which can directly destroy the DNA / RNA of bacteria and completely kill bacteria.

5 minutes to kill most of fungi

sterilization bags 10

 A complete killing bacteria process only takes 5 minutes, and it will be turned off automatically after 5 minutes.

10,000 hours lifecycle

sterilization bags 11

Not disposable bag,LED UV lamp beads file up to 10,000 hours, run once a day, 10years life time.

sterilization bags 12
sterilization bags 13
sterilization bags 14