Travel bag TRB-006

2021 New carbon fiber duffel bag

A: Anti-cutting

B: Anti-theft

C: fire-proof

D: Waterproof

E: Anti-FRID stolen brush

F: MOQ 50 PCS 

G: FOB price: Email to me 

Product name / ID travel bag / TRB-006
sizeLarge size: 51cm*30cm*35cm, 35 liters

Medium: 43cm*16cm*32cm, 22 liters

FabricCarbon fiber fabric + genuine leather
zipperA AA metail zipper
Hardware  steel

Product  Features

  • Handle design: humanized wide and thick, genuine leather portable, comfortable, decompression

  • Hardware :  steel hardware

  • Reinforcement and stitching: the carbon fiber duffel bag is reinforced and stitched, and it has good reinforcement performance with hardware and can be used for a long time.

  • Non-slip design: The bottom of the bag is non-slip design, and the wear-resistant metal feet ensure the waterproof, anti-dirty and wear of the bottom of the bag.

  • The bag has two full-length in-side pockets,  two zipper pockets for mobile phones. it can be loaded in 4 sets of autumn clothes, a down jacket, a pair of shoes, some toiletries, several documents, an IPAD.  It is the best choice for a weekend trip.

  • Custom MOQ 50PCS