Sundei recycled travel bags

Recycled travel  bags and duffle bags 

Recycled travel bags or duffle bags will be hot in coming days

As pollution on the planet gets worse, green, sustainable materials are getting more and more attention.

Fashion is one of the planet ’s biggest producers of pollution.

recycled travel bags

Prada has been selling nylon bag’s from the’80s, and by 2021, it plans to ensure that all 700,000 meters of nylon that it uses annually are recycled.

So when a company as large as Prada makes a meaningful step to reduce a negative impact on the environment, it makes a statement – ​​and a very real impact. Prada has announced that it plans to move from using virgin nylon to Econyl across all of its product categories by the end of 2021.

What is recycled nylon? We call it RPET fabric. We’ve been studying it since 2018 and developed lots of recycled travel bags, recycled duffle bags and recycled backpacks according to its property.

recycled travel bags

Our recycled bags are selling hot in European market. We will develop more for you to choose.

And if you have designs want to use RPET fabric, we are happy to work you out.

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